Hiding from my friends

This is the hardest thing about early pregnancy.  All the books and Drs suggest simply waiting 3 months before announcing news.  It sounds simple right?  12 weeks…thats not that long.  and typically you dont find out yourself until you are 4 weeks gone.

I am finding it SO hard.  Even though the majority of my friends are in England I still have friends here who I havent seen for ages.  Its the peak of summer so there are so many parties.  I havent gone for my usual hair appointment with my girlfriend so my hair resembles that of a scarecrow.

It is even becoming difficult with the English guys because when I do webcam chats I am usually playing with my daughter but now I have to be careful what I wear and how I stand so as not to raise suspiscion.

I miss hanging out with my friends on weekends and having play dates.  It seems like the longest 12 weeks EVER!!!!

We are going to wait til the end of July and then announce it.

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