Goodbye Heels….. Hello Flats

I have always struggled with a bad back but I LOVE my heels!!! Anyone who knows me knows of my shoe fetish. I am only 5’3 so I love heels, the taller the better.

I would advise all fellow preggos to get the flats as soon as you can. The relief is AMAZING and your back will thank you. Flats are now much more pretty and not so granny like. If you are like me and your feet grow half a size when you are pregnant then maybe find some stretchy ones.

Plus, they are so much more practical. In my 6 month of pregnancy last year I fell over in the garage onto my belly and ended up in hospital for 24 hours observation. I was woken every 30 mins by a nurse who looked like Lurch from the Addams Family. It was also new years eve.

The choice is yours. A fun evening with good grub, comfy shoes and a nice comfy bed. Or, fabulous heels, a night with Lurch and a delivery bed…

I know which one I would choose (this time round lol)

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