My back is on FIRE!

For all of you who are going through a first pregnancy let me pass on some advice. Drink water CONSTANTLY!!!!! I didn’t know this before that if you dehydrate you can get cramps almost like can be very dangerous.

I experienced it once first time round and I was told to drink water immediately as there was a risk the uterus would contract. I got a warning sign today. I have a massive headache and my lower back is so painful. Kidneys are clearly struggling. I need to be careful to watch for UTI aswell.

Wow pregnancy is glamorous,,,,

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2 Responses to “My back is on FIRE!”

  1. Joanna says:

    God, that's all so complicated, the list of dos and don'ts is so huge I sometimes wonder how the hell woman delivered healthy babies 500 years ago. And still do, one by one in the middle of nowhere in Africa, where you have nothing but malaria. Seriously.

  2. spenny says:

    Lol! I take my hats off to those women they are true soldiers bless em!

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