The cat is partially out of the bag

Yesterday we decided to break the news to a close friend. We were at her house for the afternoon. We wanted to let our daughters swim in the pool. So I got to the house and she didn’t notice the bump. Me and my husband laughed at how funny the situation was. I was really nervous as I feel slot for this friend as she is also trying to conceive.

She asked me why I wasn’t getting in the pool and I just smiled and said ,”because I’m pregnant and don’t want to show my belly”. Needless to say there was no need to be nervous, she was more than happy for me. It was then that she finally noticed my rather large belly.

There have been alot of rumors going around the family and it is so hard to keep denying it. We are still waiting to the 12 week point. We are going to hear the heartbeat on Wednesday….. We will keep you posted!

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