Hide and seek

Today was my 11 week appointment. I was due to have a pap smear, 8 vials of blood taken a d finally hear the heartbeat.

I went in and first thing was the heartbeat. This baby really gave us a fright. My midwife had the Doppler and she was searching around for the heartbeat. It was a very tense couple of minutes. We couldn’t hear anything. Of course that scene from Marley and me came into my head again. My midwife then asked me to put my fists under my butt to raise the uterus and oh look there you are!!!! Little heartbeat pounding away. It was such a relief! I think all of us were holding our breath. My husband went with me and I am glad he did.

Next the dreaded pap smear. My husband saw the use of the “duck billed platypus” as he calls it and bless him he still stayed. What a rock he is. Thankfully due to My daughter breaking me on the way out I don’t experience any pain anymore during pap smears.

It was then that I went to get 8 vials of blood drawn. Is it just me or was I actually getting
Colder as more vials were taken?

I am now on my way home to eat my weight in sugar.

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