Toilet trauma

Luckily this is not my first time being pregnant so I didn’t freak out when this happened but I wanted to post this to make first time mums aware. I went for my pap the other day (smear test for those of you in England) it was a little painful as usual. I didnt think any more of it until I went to the loo and saw blood and some tissue like substance staring back at me from the bowl. What the hell is that?????

Panic not my friends. Luckily it is completely normal after having your pap when pregnant. First time round I was not so relaxed and calm. I was sat there crying on the loo wondering if the aforementioned “duck billed platypus” tool had gone too far. What if the baby saw it? What the heck would it think was happening??? I was clearly wrong but hormones do some crazy shit to your logic.

My lovely midwife reminded me that it goes no where near the baby. It is all good.

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