Welcome back to the "sneeze wee"

So I we t to see captain America and totally broke the rules by downing the drink before the previews finished. This of course led to the plot spoiling need to “water the daises” I went to the loo which was a long walk as I was in the farthest screen from the entrance ,OF COURSE! I was mincing down the hall looking like I was trying to crack a walnut in my arse!
I finally made it to the toilet when I got the itchy nose and EPIC fail! I sneezed. Of course I then peed myself. Oh the joys of pregnancy.

Luckily I was already in the bathroom and it had one of them super dooper hand driers. I quickly dried my underpants and off I went back to the film. No one will ever know. “cue dr evil laugh”

Except you guys of course x

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