Of all the times!!! you have to kick now!

I am a recruiter for a very large Financial Firm in the States and I spend alot of my day speaking with high powered individuals so of course I want to project a professional, polished image.  Well that clearly didnt happen yesterday.

There was me on the phone speaking with a great prospective hire.  I was on fire, giving it my all.  I was finally at the stage where the candidate was about to commit to come in and meet with us when suddenly “boom”  I felt my first true kick from the baby.  of course I went “oh!”

The candidate was suddenly “saying oh my gosh is everything ok?”  I said absolutely!!!  Luckily the candidate was female and she has had children and she completely understood my exclamation.  It may even have sweetened the deal.  she agreed to come in.  Whether it was because she genuinely was interested or the fact that she now knows I have 2 kids to feed and it would be awfully nice of her to make me look good and come in for a meeting we will never be sure!

It was great though.  Lovely to get that first confirmed knock on the door……..

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