Pass the WD40…. My hips are shot!

This weekend we went to the NY State Fair. It was a scorcher. I went very sensible in flat shoes. I had a feeling it was going to be a bad day for my pelvis/hips as I had the foresight to pack my brace from my recovery last time round. Basically a big white stretchy corset.
Half way round I noticed I was walking like I had a melon hanging out of my butt! Like I had the worst case of itchy hemorrhoids ever! I could literally feel my hips clicking I. And out of their sockets.
The rest of the evening was pretty much written off. It is now a day later and I am still sore. Most days I am ok but occasionally I get a bad one.
I need to keep supple and flexible and just take it easy on those bad days.
On a good note I now feel the baby move around 30 minutes after I eat. It lasts for about 30 minutes and it’s such a lovely feeling.

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