Swing Badabadabadabada………

I was walking to the loo today down the long corridor in my office building (for the 10th time in an hour) and as I looked down I was horrified to notice that my bump wobbles side to side when I walk.

What the Heck???????  I dont remember it being so pronounced on the 1st time round.  Its like its rocking out to a Beyonce video or something.  It is as if I am trying to walk like a normal person but my bump wants to walk like a duck and nod to both walls in the corridor as I go down to the loo.

It doesnt help that the lycra animal print dress (wow I sound so friggin hot now dont I?) fits snug around the bump and moves along with the swing.

I could seriously break out into a chorous of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot” 

To add insult to injury I was so engrossed with this bizarre independent movement of my bump that as I was head down staring and giggling at it as I walked I neglected to notice one of our office directors walking towards me giggling to himself.

Oh the SHAME…………….

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