Bad Hair Day!!!!!!

When I am pregnant I end up looking like Monica from friends when they all went to the Caribbean.  My hair was just at the point where I tolerate its company on my head and I was actually starting to bond with it.

Then the hormones hit and It gets so thick.  One day its curly the next its straight.  I frighten all the birds away as I genuinely do resemble a scarecrow.

I gave up this morning and decided to just tie it back.  Now I have the pleasure of going around looking like I belong on Teen Mom.  I dont know what it is but when I tie my hair back I look like a school kid.  Im going to the Mall this afternoon to meet my hubby for lunch.  I hope I dont get people staring at me thinking “what a train wreck”

I also think my shampoo lied.  The herbal essences range tousle me softly didnt work for me.  it didnt control any frizz.  perhaps mine should be labled “Ruffled by Beltsander”

I look so hot right now hahahahaha………….

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