Stage Fright

All you fello preggos will be with me on this one.  It is monstrous to go to the bathroom for a number 2 right now as we are taking that many iron supplements that I am practically excreting iron pokers right now.  Sorry I forgot to warn that this one is all about bowel movements lol!

I went to the loo just now and it was taking a little encouragement.  I felt like that scene from Austin Powers where Austin gets attacked in the toilet but a fellow loo visiter thinks he is just straining.  I was just waiting for someone to yell “show that turd who’s boss”

I needed some quiet time to focus and breathe through it.  Well, in comes another person who selfishly doesnt choose to go to an empty cubicle further along, no, they plonk themselves right next to me.  2 seconds later another lady comes to my other side.  What the heck.  Can they not see I am trying to focus.  I felt my eyes boring into their shoes and burning their toes to make them get a move on.

I was frozen stuck whilst crowning waiting for one of them to just hurry up and flush so that I could give it my all. 

There goes the flush and “HURRAH!!!!!!” success!!!!

Needless to say.  That turd knew who was boss!

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