Baby brain…….it does exist!!!!

I am really having a hard time distinguishing new year from new York. I have had very little sleep this week and the baby brain effect is starting to show. I literally can’t remember a thing!!! I struggle to recall what I did on the weekend, what I ate in a day, who I spoke to. I repeat stories ALL the time to the same accommodating people who just pat me on the head and say “ahhhh bless”! It’s embarrassing.

I stare at my computer screen scared to do anything for fear of forgetting what I just did. I am amazed I get home in one piece really.

I sometimes catch myself just rubbing my belly and staring blankly into space. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a bit of drewl on the side of my mouth.

My sleep issues are no where near as bad as last time but still lingering like a bad fart!!!

Let’s see if watching star wars on blu ray will help. Gotta love it!!!!!!!!

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