Lead implants

So last night some plastic surgeon must have snuck into my bedroom and I stead of giving my boobs a bit of a lift they went and filled them with lead!!

I took off my bra tonight and WHOOMPH! They flopped down and good god did they hurt. To add insult to injury they look like spaniels ears. Every time I go to a fairground and see the arcades with the water balloons hung on a nail that you have to throw darts at I run like hell for fear that people may think I am part of the stall!

They are so heavy now and veiny. Really not a good look. As I am sitting in bed typing this they are slowly migrating to my armpits. GROSE!!!! Why doesn’t pregnancy make them nice and full? I know I will NOT be saying that once the baby is here as they will be full of milk.

Well I am going to bed now and just hoping my boobs don’t fall out the side of the bed as they will surely take me with them.

Night all! X

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One Response to “Lead implants”

  1. Joanna says:

    Your boobs made it. I fell from my chair when I read the punchline :)

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