"to the tune of BonJovi Living on a Prayer" WOOOOOOO were half way there…………..

Half way baby!!!!!!!!!  I cant believe I am at this stage already.  I got my hospital admission paperwork the other day to fill out which suddenly gave me a reality check of “oh yeah,  i am going to deliver a baby at some point”.

It really has been a fairly uneventful pregnancy………..so far!!!!!!!!!!  If I had have done this last time round it would have twice the posts it does now.  Mainly because i had no frikkin idea what the heck my body was doing.  After having gone through one child as a newborn I am used to coping on little sleep.  Thankfull my darling first born has been a great sleeper from a very young age.

I am feeling OK.  Tired but thats normal.  Hungry as a horse but again, those that know me know that is completely normal.  I have to resist the urge to eat my weight in mash for fear of gaining too much weight.  I have put on aroun 14 pounds which makes me cringe but I am still way under my 25 pound weight loss from Weight Watchers so we are all good!!!

It really is the down hill run from here now so I just want to try and stop being so stressed and try and enjoy this last stage as as much as I would love to be at 19 kids and counting, i think this will be my last pregnancy.

“cue the violins”

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