Nocturnal Riverdance

I settle into bed every night after having a nice cup of hot milk. I then grab my crochet and do about half an hour of crochet before I finally turn the light out. The baby is asleep during all this time.

Once the lights go out, the baby wakes up and act 3 of riverdance starts. It was the same with my last pregnancy. I lay awake and feel all the little pokes prods twists and turns. I roll to the other side to see if a change of position might calm things Down but no baby wants to dance.

It is definitely getting stronger I can’t feel it on the outside yet. There are times when it feels like the baby is stretching out across my entire lower belly and that really feels weird. It’s not at the Aliens chest Burster scene yet.

Usually watching Star Trek calms the baby Down again. I just love feeling all the little movements. I have to enjoy every last one as this is my last :( if only I could win the lottery.

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