Forgotten Prescription

The other day I ran out of Pre-Natal Vitamins.  Simple……………go to the pharmacy,  it is a drive thru pharmacy so you dont even need to get out of the car………….you dont need your purse as they have your account already set up.  The hard part.  Remembering to do that!

I lay awake that first night without the vitamin pills imagining my little one suddenly developing a 3rd eye because the vitamin balance isnt right.  I felt the guilt that if the poor thing fails calculus at school it is because of my missed pill.

Of course I know that I am being completely irrational but I’m 5 months pregnant, how else am I supposed to feel.

Why do we feel so guilty so early on about how our decisions affect our children???

I guess my punishment was the fact I missed a night of stool softener pills so of course I was subjected to a red hot poker coming out of my arse the following day.

Right I am going to go and retrieve my fingernails from the side of the toilet seat….have a great day!!!!

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2 Responses to “Forgotten Prescription”

  1. Joanna says:

    There's nothing to regret or feel guilty about. You're just a caring and thoughtful mum. Your baby is so happy inside your belly that she wouldn't notice lack of one little pill ;)

  2. spenny says:

    Thanks Joanna. I'm so paranoid!

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