Warning! The floodgates have opened….

Today was AWFUL!!!!

Severe traffic lead to late Drs appointment. That lead to late lunch which equals one serious dizzy spell. On top of all that I got a flat tire on the car. The FIRST day my hubby gave it to me. Oops. I hit a curb when turning a corner. I am a female I have no idea where the other side of the car is!!!!

I was so behind at work that I ate my lunch and then just plowed on. I survived the rest of the afternoon on tea, water and chewing gum.

I was busting for a pee by the time it came to me leaving work. I had to get my daughter as darling hubby was unable to pick her up. I managed to keep it in while driving there. I picked her up into the car with my legs crossed and …. Success! No pee.

I got her home and played with her and fed her. I then got her upstairs and ready for bed. Read her story and put her to bed. I ate something and thought I really must pee. I then got distracted by washing up. I then made some batches of food for the week to make my dinners earlier when ………aaaattttccccchhhuhbhooooooo!

The mother of all sneezes.! I stood by the cooker making food with pee streaming down my legs and oooooohhhhh god it felt so good. So good that I actually forgot where I was. I then realized where I was and as I looked at the dog staring back at me in disgust and suddenly realized the contents of lake Ontario were on the kitchen floor.

Thankfully hardwoods are easy to clean. Well it could’ve been worse. I might have followed through! Lol

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