I shouldn’a done that

Firstly I hope my best friend is not reading this as she will not be happy with me. I had one of those oh I forgot I’m pregnant moments today. I went to the grocery store after work. With thanksgiving on Thursday the store was packed. I had to practically park the car in the next county and walk into the store. Wheezing and waddling I made my way around the store. I finally picked up a 24 pack of soda and made my way to the checkout. I had one bag and the soda to carry to the car. Doesn’t sound much does it. When you have a pumpkin in your uterus and you need to pee and you have to walk across the county to get the car it is doomed to fail. I had to stop 3 times as my muscles down the side of my belly were agony. Some 90year old biddy made it to her car before I did!!! I got in the car and was in so much pain. I’m such a dufus!!! I keep forgetting I can’t carry heavy things. My buddy Lizzie would joke and ask if I am going home to bench press the refrigerator. Last time I was pregnant I tried to lift my 50 poud dog into the back of the car to go to the vets and I really badly strained my ligaments. You would think I had learnt by now but nope clearly not. Lizzie if you read this I am sorry I’m so special that I forget I’m pregnant xx.

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