Early morning black Friday

I have been up today since 3am. No I’m not shopping or pitched in a tent outside a store. I leave that to my cousin in a warmer state hahaha.

The baby has been going absolutely bonkers! I don’t know what she is doing but it feels like she is doing the electric slide in there. I think it is her hands that I am feeling. I can feel her bottom now so I can usually tell where her feet and hands are.

I lay there thinking shall I just get up and go shopping but then the guilt of spending money creeps up on me. So I thought oh I know. Real housewives of Beverley hills is on demand so I thought there we go. Let’s go watch that. That lasted 45 mins and now I am sitting here watching some absolute gash about who is gonna be the next accessory guru.

Why am I watching this? I clearly am the tired and frustrated that I can’t even muster up the energy to change the channel. To top it off there are left overs in the fridge from yesterday’s feast. The lemon meringue pie is calling me from the fridge. I must RESIST!

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