Glucose overload

I had my gestational diabetes test. It is SO not enjoyable. For those of you with a sweet tooth you might enjoy it but I am more of a savory person so I dread it.

Basically what happens is you go to the Drs office and when you get there you are handed this bottle of orange liquid. It is pure glucose basically. The disappointing thing is it is a flat liquid. It is very syrupy in consistency and it gives your teeth a fur coat.

You get 5 minutes to drink it. I am of the philosophy of just pinch your nose and down it in one. The clock then starts ticking. You have an hour before you have your blood drawn. Make sure you take something fun to do with you. For me it was my crochet. It was either that or watch Rachel Ray cook on TV which always makes me so hungry.

Then it’s time for blood work and my regular drs appointment. The glucose had now worn off and I was feeling very sleepy. It was like full on I’ve just eaten thanksgiving dinner sleepy. The dr got the fetal heartbeat monitor and had no problem locating her as she was fast asleep apparently. Poor thing was on a major sugar crash. As I laid there looking at the ceiling I could have nodded off there and then.

I will only hear results of it is bad so I guess no news is good news xxx

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