Emperor Penguin Stage

I couldnt help but laugh the other day as I was in the back of the car with my daughter watching Happy Feet and I thought,”where have I seen a walk like that before”  Oh yeah…..that would be me. 

I am now beyond the “i look like I have pooed myself” stage and have progressed to the “did she have rickets as a child” kind of stage.  I am literally walking like my hips and pelvis have been fuzed together. 

I think the reason is my back is so arched and my bump is so far out now that my body is having conflicting centers of gravity so to compensate it decides to distract passers by, by making me walk like that duck at the pond with the gimpy leg that everyone throws bread to because they feel sorry for it.

Again just one of the many joys of motherhood.  It makes me feel alive and i am just grateful for the chance to host another baby again.

Well I am gonna waddle of now so see you soon.

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