Warning to shipping

Oh my GOD.  What is going ON!!!!! Thanksgiving was on Thursday so nearly 5 days ago.  Its like my body and the baby kept all the food and took all the nutrients they wanted and decided to let go of the waste today.

Yes people……its going to be one of those posts…..sorry but I did say I was going to be honest.

Literally from the minnute I woke up to now I have been in the loo about 16 times.  I must have lost about 7 pounds in this last 2 hours between peeing like Niagara and giving birth to several pounds of fudge its just insane.  Hence the reason I feel the need to put a warning out to the shipping forecasters for a bumpy ride hahahaha.

It is just hysterical.  The worst thing is our office has the worst loo paper in the world.  The squares are about as big as a stamp, they disintegrate on any contact with human skin, it is about as soft as wiping your arse with a cheese grater just the whole ordeal is unpleasant. 

To top it all off my signal has been so poor I cant even watch netflix in the loo to help me keep focus.  EPIC fail!

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