Constant Braxton Hicks

I am now 30 weeks and I have been having incredibly frequent Braxton hicks. That is where you feel the tightening of the uterus and a squeezing sensation. You can sometimes find it takes your breath a little.

The guide is if you have 4 or more in an hour you should seek advice. I am having around 15 – 20 per hour. Mainly it is dehydration so PLEASE keep drinking water! I have been drinking constantly but it is still occurring. I have a Drs apt on Thursday so I will be mentioning it. I haven’t had any other pre term labor signs so I am not concerned. I am just exhausted. It really takes it out of you.

Lots of feet up and resting is on the cards me thinks…… Pwahahahahahahahah I almost said that with a straight face! Full time job and toddler at home….. Yeah I get tons of time to put my feet up and rest

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