Am I broken or not?

I have had a little bit of progress today.  The magic back and pelvis Dr who helped me recover post delivery last time has reached out and I am going for an appointment there on the 23rd.  He worked miracles last time.  My OBGYN Dr said my pelvic separation was one of the worst she has seen in years. Hence the old C Section discussion.

My Musco-skeletal Dr is going to give me the once over and see how the pelvis is holding up and see if there are any excersises I can do at home to assist the pregnancy. 

I am trying so hard to not get my hopes up as I know i am asking the impossible but you just never know do you.  I am willing to try ANYTHING at this stage to increase my chances of having a natural birth.  I dont want it out of the sunroof!

I will of course keep you posted and let you know what happens.

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