Hairy legwarmers

Hello again peeps! I had to giggle the other night. I was in the bath and looked down at my legs and realised it was full on gorilla warfare! I don’t get to see my legs much so I didn’t realise how desperate the situation was. I reached for my razor and set to work.

Ok, top half of legs done. Now let’s just reach forward and, oh, er, ahhhh, heave….nope. I can’t reach the bottom of my legs. I literally looked like I had hairy legwarmers on. It was hysterical! I couldn’t leave it like that. What happens if I needed to go to the hospital and they see me like that. Am I the only person who makes sure she has matching underwear on just in case she has to go in an ambulance? It would be awful to get caught wearing my laundry day underwear, you know, the grey ones that were white. One underwire is missing and the elastic in the knickers has gone… Sound familiar or is it just me?

Anyway! Back to the legwarmers. So I had to get rid of them but I just cannot reach. It was then I had my brainwave. I will use my feet. I have always been quite dexterous so I put the razor in my toes and ha ha ha success! It worked. Thank god these razors are safe and not the old style skin chunk removing ones. Admittedly it took a while and lots of puffing and panting but I now look normal and not like something out of gorillas in the mist. Sigourney Weaver was on her way to profile my life I mean this was critical! I watched that film and there aint no way I am having my hand as an ash tray.

I will leave you for now. Ta ta for now xx

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