A potential bit of good news……

I need to wait until a follow up Drs appointment on Friday but I may be ok to have the option of trying for a natural delivery rather than the old lift out of the sunroof.  At the same time I need to be realistic and know that i will not be going for hours and hours, I need to admit that after a couple of hours if it aint happening then I need to get intervention.

Its a hard decision to make,  do you just go ahead and schedule the C section and miss out on the most amazing natural high you will ever have? Or do you try and go natural and get that wonderful bonding moment but risk another pelvis injury or 3rd degree laceration? (for those of you that dont know, that is where you split from front to back…..ouch!)

Well I guess I have to take all factors into account.  My husband was concerned during my last delivery that the nurse on the right side of me had my leg at a very awkward angle and she was holding it far back.  I know that is the optimum position and I was under an epidural so I couldnt feel anything.  Whether it be coincidence or not, it was that leg that was damaged.  With the correct positioning and with me in control I may be able to get it right.

I met with my midwife yesterday and it really hit home to me that where I previously would have refused a C section because it is a surgical procedure, I was overwhelmed with emotion because I cant imagine being denied going through labor and the emotional joy of delivering.  I broke down in tears as I explained that and I think it will take a lot to change that.

This is a joint decision though.  Myself and hubby need to come up with an action plan once we know the full story from the musco-skeletal people and then see what to do.  My midwife did make a good point though that when creating a birth plan it needs to be a joint decision but the mother going through it needs to be 100% on board with that plan as you don’t ever want to have resentment in the marriage.  As this will be my last pregnancy I know that I really want the option to at least try delivering naturally.

Lets see what the Dr says on Friday.  On a good note…..my split bum hole has healed…..YAY!

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