Looking good so far!

Well I went to the Drs as planned and I was pleasantly surprised! I was dreading it thinking that they were going to say your pelvis is shot love!

I had to bend forward as far as I could. Ok that was easy enough. Next I had to flex a d stretch my hips. Fine I could do that. Then check the alignment of the pelvis. All looked level. Then I had to get on the bed and the Dr checked the rotation of the hips and it was good. He asked where the source of the pain was and I said I thought it was the tailbone. Little did I know that I was no where near anatomically right with that self diagnosis. He actually prodded my tailbone and I realised its right near my rear entrance. Of course it is. God I am thick sometimes. We then managed to locate the source of the pain and it is right in the small of my back. My back curves a little more than normal. The pain is purely obstetrical. It is simply the weight of the bump stretching my already over exaggerated spine curve.

I was shocked but obviously thrilled to bits. I still need to keep it real and not over do things.

Fantastic news though!!!

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