stuffed like a turkey

I just sat there today and realised…..holey moley I am over 32 weeks!!! How have I suddenly gone from announcing I’m pregnant to being over 8 months pregnant?  I keep forgetting that this journey is nearly over and I am actually going to have to pop this little one out at some point.

The back and hips have been faily good this week.  Heartburn has subsided a little.  I was beginning to think for a while that my stomach had become confused and decided to produce battery acid instead of bile. The upchuck reflex is unfortunately as sensitive as the smoke alarm in my first house.  There would be no retching required to empty my system.  pure gravity just yanks the food back out of my stomach.

Breathing is now quite difficult.  I becaome breathless after just talking.  Those that know me would not be surprised as I could make talking an olympic sport.  It makes me laugh though as when I am on the phone I puff and pant through my conversation and I know that people are probably thinking that dodgy guy who stares at them in the grocery store is prank calling them.  I can feel my uterus is pretty much under my chin now LOL!  Joking aside the uterus is really high and it is around now that I find it difficult to eat.  I get so full after just afew bites as my stomach is being squeezed within an inch of its life.   My advice to first timers would be eat small meals maybe 4 or 5 times a day and that way you shouldnt feel uncomfortable.

The baby now has her head down and I keep getting moments of feeling her butt stick out either side of my belly button.  This is probably the most difficult time breathing and eating,  it soon passes.  When the baby drops it is literally like a button has been pressed and you can suddenly breathe properly.   Of course though, when that happens you are on constant guard from your spouse waiting for that first contraction.

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