Legs akimbo!

This little one doesn’t seem to know the meaning of nice gentle fluid leg movement. Nope! Sadly this young bean thinks she is auditioning for the Rockettes. My whole belly today veered off to one side when she kicked her legs to the left and her bum to the right. I looked like some weird Pablo Picasso style abstract.

The movements of the baby now feel really uncomfortable. It squishes everything so tight. I can’t eat as much now as I just feel sick when she moves. Her bottom is easily identifiable and her back too. I can feel her legs every now and then. It makes it VERY real!

When she hiccups now I feel uncomfortable. Jeez I’m never bloody happy am I haha! No joking aside, I am really excited. 6 weeks to go! I cannot wait to meet her and introduce her to Emily. This is really happening isnt it!!!!!

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