Artistic flair or just plain exhibitionist

This weekend I had something done that I will never forget. No mummy I haven’t got a tattoo and no more piercings. It all started from Halloween when I painted my belly to look like a pumpkin.

It turned out there was an artist at the local school and a photographer who had an idea and they just needed a guinea pig. Preferably a heavily pregnant guinea pig. Hello! I’m your guinea pig. The idea was to start adding to the photography and have an artist paint your belly whilst pregnant and have professional photos taken. That is actually paint ON your belly, not have a painting done OF your belly.

The design we chose was a cherry tree with blossom blowing in the wind. There was also a butterfly to signify my daughter as she has butterflies all over her room.

It was STUNNING! I turned up and got to the studio and I thought right let’s strip down! Hell if we are gonna showcase this let’s do this properly. So off came the bra and out came the fun bags too. How on earth was this artist going to put that stunning work on to my bulbous boobs and belly?????

She did it though! An hour forty five later she was done and it looked amazing. 10 mins of photography and the session was complete.

I can’t wait to see the pictures and I can highly recommend this creative unique way of remembering the pregnancy. No one else is doing it in our area so I hope this works out well for the artist and photographer.

I just hope people don’t think that I am an escaped manity from sea world!

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