Waaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaa!

That was what my hubby heard mostly today from me. I had an ABSOLUTE meltdown. Today was not good. It started with me not sleeping at all last night. I was exhausted. I then felt like the baby moved down a little so I was extremely uncomfortable. I got a headache, felt sick and have painful legs. Definitely something I will be mentioning to the midwife on Wednesday. I just have not felt well all day. In fact the pain in my back felt just like the early back labor I had with my first born.

It was literally like the small of my back was on fire. My inside of my lady garden felt like it was stretching but that is probably psychological.

I had tried to nap while my daughter was napping this afternoon. I basically have a 3 hour window. I couldn’t sleep so I went downstairs and just broke down into tears. I felt useless and doubted my abilities as a mum. I felt like I just couldn’t keep going as if it was all fine because today it was not. I then realized I still have 5 weeks to go and that tipped me over the edge.

I then have the reality check and remember that there are people out there who would love to be at the stage I’m at so I need to remember that and realize how lucky I am and to stop wallowing in self pity.

Please pray for a good night sleep tonight.

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