Are We nearly there yet?

Oh I feel like a WHALE!!!!! I am now 36 weeks and just feel like I am destined to be pregnant for EVER!

My nicknames in the office range from porterhouse to waddles. My darling husband refers to me as “chubs” I feel like the fat kid from the goonies. Do I need to stand outside and do the truffle shuffle.

My bump is slowly getting lower but I have not had the “lightening” stage yet. You will know when this happens as you will realize you can breathe again. I have not gotten there yet. I currently am at the stage of ” I must walk or talk” I can’t do both as I end up sounding like the fat dude off jackass after just finishing some weird stunt with wee man.

The Braxton Hicks are getting much stronger. Some take my breath a little and they make me really need a poo. I like to think that the baby gets a hug every time I have a contraction. That makes them feel nicer.

Still no stretch marks yet. I have been lucky. My belly hasn’t itched as much as last time. I was so itchy I swear people must have thought I had crabs or something. I guess my belly just figured oh I remember this from last time. Will it go back as well as it did last time? God only knows!

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