Lightening, wonderful lightening!

Late last week I got that wonderful feeling where it feels as if someone has just lifted a 20 pound weight off your chest.  I can now breathe deeply again, I can eat a normal person sized meal without it upchucking all over the place and most of all I can now string a sentence together without sweating and panting.

This does come at a price.  I now have the fattest most ridiculous looking lady garden as all that area has clearly swollen whithin an inch of its life.  I now walk like I have just had a red hot poker inserted up my bottom.  I swear I saw myself on Happy Feet.

You will definitely notice when this happens as one minute you have a nice handy shelf to rest your phone, cup of tea or dinner plate on and the next minute its more of a ski jump.  I have lost my shelf.  Its a good sign though.  its a sign that baby is getting herself ready.

It feels better at night too as when you lie down you dont feel like hulk hogan has just sat on your chest.  Going up the stairs I still sound like a chronic asthmatic but otherwise I am doing well.

I have a Drs appointment so I will let you know what happens.

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