There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza dear Liza

Today I we t to the OBGYN visit to have my weekly check. We started off like normal with listening to the heart beat. The baby is lying with her back on my left side and her heart beat was nice and strong.

The next part was the group B Strep test. If you have not had this before then you really need not worry. It is literally a cotton bud on a long stick and they just wipe it from the top to the bottom of your lady garden. It is not like a pap as they do not go internally. It’s nice and quick.

At the end my midwife offered to do an internal exam to see how the cervix is looking. This is done to get a baseline test to compare to later on. I was fine with that as I was figuring last time I was literally super glued shut until the day I delivered. It was very frustrating last time. Every Drs appointment the cervix was high and closed shut.

So imagine my surprise when my midwife said I am 1 cm dilated!!!! I was shocked and SO excited!

The exam itself can be a little uncomfortable. The midwife has to push her fingers way up to your cervix to see how many fingers she can get in there. My advice is just relax and breathe. If you tense up it will become painful.

I am so surprised! I am still 4 weeks away from my due date. This doesn’t necessarily mean I will go early. I could still go over due. I am hoping that will not happen. The signs look good so we will just have to wait till next Wednesday to see if there has been any other changes.

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