Does yer bump hang low can you tie it in a bow…

This little girl has moved down WAY low in my pelvis. My Drs apt yesterday was great. We did not check the cervix again. We are going to do that on Wednesday but I found out the baby is facing the right way. This is such a good sign and I hope it lasts. My daughter was back to back and it caused an over due date and a painful delivery.

This one is lying with her back on my left side and her feet tucked up on my right side. I am spending the majority of my evenings on my hands and knees making sure that gravity takes its effect. I hope and pray that it lasts!

The bump is so low I mean it is practically hanging below my lady garden. The whole bump has changed shape. I will be doing a belly cast this weekend to make sure I capture the bump. I did this last time and it turned out great.

I have had alot of awfully strong Braxton hicks. They give alot of pressure right down in the pelvis I mean I literally feel like a babies arm might just flop out of my vajayjay!!! I don’t know if I need a poo or of I need to fart or if I have a babies head poking out.

I really hope that this is all good signs. I am hoping to be more dilated on Wednesday when I go to the docs

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