Sober superbowl

Fir me this is not my first sober superbowl but I know there may be some of you out there that think there is just no substitute. Take solace in the fact that there is a great substitute.

I have been drinking non alcoholic beer called “buckler” it is imported from Holland and it actually tastes like beer. It doesn’t have a horrid aftertaste and it doesn’t smell like you should wash your paint brushes in it. It’s nice and smooth.

I also used to make mocktails. Mojito mix with soda water and fresh mint is nice. Non alcoholic champers with cranberry or pomegranate juice is great too. The one thing I have still to find is a non alcoholic wine that doesn’t taste like bile, you know that bile when you are drunk and vomiting but you have no food in your stomach, yeah that bile that makes your teeth all furry.

Well I am watching my home team the NY Giants and know I can taste beer and there will be no hangover and no harm to baby. Win win all round!!!

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