Contact is made…

Today I had a Drs appointment and it was great although a little bizarre. I am now pretty much at my due date. I decided to have my Midwife check my cervix. I was a little disappointed last week that there was no change but this time I am pleased to say that the door is ajar! I am
nearly 2 cm dilated. Also the cervix has softened. Hopefully the evening primrose has worked well, that and the curry I had last night.

So now for the bizarre part! The midwife was stripping my membranes. This sounds like gutting a piece of game but nope nothing like that, it is basically like a finger sweep around the inside of the cervix to try and stimulate it to do its thing and open up already. I will warn you for those of you who this is your first time, it can be pretty uncomfortable and even painful. I’m ok with it now as after one birth there is plenty of room up there.

While my midwife was stripping the membrane she let me know that she could indeed feel the baby’s head!!!! I was shocked and said “really!” she said yes watch this, she pushed gently back and forth and you could clearly see and I could feel the baby moving up and down. It was amazing. The midwife has made first contact with my little girl.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and desperate for a pee lol!

So the next stage for me, if I haven’t had the baby this weekend I am going in on Monday for a sono and also a non stress test.

The sono usually sees whether there is enough fluid, the placenta is not deteriorating and the baby is ok. The none stress test is basically where you are hooked up to a monitor across your belly, it tracks the heartbeat and any contractions you have. It’s nice and relaxing as you get to sit down and chill out. Bring a book or something to do. I am taking my crochet with me.

After that my midwife will do a more aggressive stripping of the membrane. I envisage a car jack being used and a pit pony being sent down with a mining crew hahahahah!

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