Houston we have lift off

On the 19th Feb I had a call from my midwife just asking if there have been any changes. There hadn’t been so she offered me a couple of ways to encourage labor.

One was nipple stimulation. If you have a breast pump you can use that. If not in my case the. You can just use your fingers to twist those melons man. Also just to try and relax me a cheeky glass of wine was allowed. Just the one! And not one of those glasses that are like buckets!!!

I drank my wine and decided to go upstairs in the bath and let nipple twisting commence. It felt a bit embarrassing at first but then each time I did it I would have a really strong Braxton hick contraction. I did it for about 20 minutes. Now with a wrist cramp that any virile teenage boy would be proud of, I settled into bed.

At 2.55am on the 20th I was woken from a deep sleep by a proper contraction. Those of you who it is your first time, you will know the difference. You cannot talk through it, you may double over in pain. Your natural instinct is to just sit down and breathe through it.

About 10 mins later , another one, then another one. It is at this point I woke my husband up with our code word “Oklahoma”! He looked at me dazily and then the penny dropped and he had a big smile and said “really!!!”

I then told him To go back to sleep (yeah right as if he could) and I will keep him posted and track my contractions

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