I’m not gonna make it!!!!!

Well I get in the car and by this time it is now like I am say straddling a circular saw!!!! Also the contractions are suddenly getting back to back. I was literally screaming in the car. It was 6.30pm and we made our way to the hospital on what seemed the most pot holed road ever. He also realized he was speeding and had to ease off the gas.

7pm and we reached the hospital. By now I feel like I am about to push her out. We pulled up to the valet parking and the chap there ran to grab me a wheelchair. I made my way up to the 8th floor for labor and delivery still yelling. As I exited the elevator my midwife took one look at me and rushed me into a delivery room. I was now asking for drugs! If I can’t get any there I was considering sending husband out to go get some from the bad side of town.

My midwife checked me and I was 7cm dilated. I had to have blood drawn for the drugs and have an IV. They tried 4 times before successfully putting in an IV as I was dehydrated. My advice ladies, drink LOTS of fluids when in labor.

7.10pm and my IV is in and All of a sudden I realized I had to push. My midwife said really???? She checked me and felt the head crowning. All of a sudden the room was full of people and they were all rushing to get everything ready.

I asked if I could get onto my hands and knees and kind of squat for delivery, before I knew it I was pushing and I could feel the bag of waters bulging out. Now There’s a visual! I must have looked like one of those key chain pigs that you squeeze and poo comes out. I also finally had my bloody show. If you ask my husband the whole thing was a bloody show lol!

I then felt the water break and instantly I had to push again. I now realized it was too late for drugs. My mind was rushing! I was thinking I can’t do this!!! But no time to waste. A second push and the head was out. A bit of panting and a third push came, I looked down at my feet under me and there on the bed was my beautiful little girl, crying away. I scooped her up into my arms and rolled onto my back. We had this amazing moment on the bed where I placed her to my chest and just paused to take the moment in.

She became relaxed and we just looked at each other and for that split second it was like there was only me, her and my husband in the room.

She then peed on me.

It’s 7.38 pm, just half an hour after I got to hospital and here is my baby girl xxxx

I felt AMAZING!!! Literally like a super hero. I had gotten my secret wish of a natural non medicated delivery. I feel like I could run a marathon. I just kept smiling saying I can’t believe it!!!!

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