Pillow biting

I went back home after my Drs appointment to continue contractions. I needed distraction so I did a jigsaw with my mummy. They were still about 10 mins apart at 4pm. I was thrilled that there was no pain in my back so, no back labor. What a relief. My daughter is due back home in an hour so I need to put a brave face on.

Not easy to do when you feel like someone is shoving a knife up your bottom and wiggling it around.

I just breathed through them and walked around. I knew I had 10 mins to play with between contractions so I was a hive of activity for those 10 mins. I have still not had my show.

My daughter came home and I managed to keep a brave face while she ate dinner. It then became very intense. Felt like someone was pulling my intestines out of my ass like a bag of giblets from a chicken. I decided now was the time to go upstairs and hide it from my daughter.

By now it was 6pm and the contractions were 8 mins apart. My husband put my daughter to bed and came into the bedroom to find me biting my pillow and crying. It was time to call the midwife and see what to do

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