The final countdown

My regular Drs appointment was at 10.30am on the 20th. As you know from my earlier post I had been having contractions since 2.55am. I text my midwife at 8ish to ask if I should still go. She said that if the contractions get very close together or the pain is too much then we will just arrange to go to hospital. Usually the rule is 511. 5 mins apart, lasting a minute, for an hour. Mine were between 7 and 10 minutes.

I was now getting a little uncomfortable so I decided to use my old faithful the bathtub for labor. I ran a nice Luke warm bath and sank into it up to my neck and watched Twilight. The new one. The one with the horrendous DIY C Section scene. Wow that was a good idea……NOT!!!

I then noticed my contractions were getting further apart!!! WTF!!!! Can’t we just get this done already?

With them now being every 12 minutes we decided to go for our Drs apt. First was a sono to see how big baby is and how the fluid levels are. My mummy is here too so she came in aswell. We got to see the baby’s face and I was in hysterics. You know when a baby pushes their nose up against a pane of glass? Well that’s what baby’s nose looked like. She was way down in the uterus and her head was being squished so she had a mega flat nose.

She looked to be about 7 pound 9 ounces which again was a relief. I dont want to risk the pelvis to a small hippo!!!! All in all everything looked good.

Next was the examination. I was dreading this as the midwife was going to strip the membranes much more aggressively. I knew I was going to be uncomfortable. First thing she did was check if I had dilated anymore. GREAT news!!!! I am now 4 cm!!!! Cervix is still a little thick but it means I only have 6 to go. My midwife had a good sweep round and did everything to loosen it all up. I now have visions of me preparing my chicken for Sunday roast lol!

Now I went in for my non stress test. This is usually about half an hour of you resting in a comfy chair whilst being hooked up to a monitor. It monitors contractions and the heartbeat to make sure baby is tolerating labor.

Luckily after many minutes chasing baby girl around the uterus we got a good trace and saw she was in no distress.

All I can do now is go home and ride this labor out.

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