Aftermath and awe

I have been home with baby now for 8 days and wanted to take time to reflect and just put up a few posts of my thoughts and recollections of what was one of the most amazing experiences.

Immediately after the birth I had the giggles and was just in shock at how quick it had all been.  A lot of people have asked me why i left it so late to go into the hospital and the answer is, i had no idea i was so far on in labor.  Sounds silly even though this is my second pregnancy but i had back labor last time and the baby was facing the wrong way round.  It was therefore much more painful.  I figured I’m probably about 5 cm so seen as the pain is so bad lets go on in to hospital.

Little did i know that i was 7 cm and i would progress to 10 cm and pushing within 20 minutes of getting to hospital.  I can’t believe it was that close.

With regards to my physical condition after delivery all i can say is i felt AMAZING!  I did have to have a few stitches as my tear from my first delivery opened again but it was no where near as bad as last time.  it is just a 2nd degree laceration.  My adrenalin was pumping so hard I remember my legs shaking so hard as my midwife was stitching me up.  They have the best cure for this though, they have these warm blankets that they put over you and it feels SO good!!!!!!!

I remember watching my husband cut the cord.  Again this is something I missed last time as I was so out of it and I was laid flat so I couldn’t see anything.  That was nice to see.

The next part is obviously gross nut I did say I would tell all.  The delivery of the placenta or afterbirth.  This is just a really weird feeling.  basically the next contraction following the birth you just do a light push and you feel this warm floppy thing come away.  Its not exactly pleasant but it is the official sign you are no longer pregnant.  Plus it means the baby has now had its buffet cut off so its down to us mammas and our fun bags to provide, OR for the bottles of formula to come out.  No matter which way you choose there is no right or wrong.  Myself personally I breastfed both of mine.  I have been very fortunate to do that.  Some people may not be able to breast feed for one reason or another and that is fine.  Don’t let anyone tell you any different, you are that baby’s mummy and what you choose to do is the right thing for you and your family.

I just remember laughing at how funny the whole situation was.  I just kept looking down at my new baby girl and just being amazed at what we had made.  She was so placid.  She just laid there and enjoyed the cuddles.

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