So what the heck does natural childbirth feel like

In a word its like crapping a metal spiked football.

In hindsight, thinking about it, the most painful part was when the bag of waters started to come out and it was trying to come out very quickly.  I felt the renowned sting and burn as my poor lady bits stretched to the max.  My advice ladies, DONT STOP PUSHING just because it burns.  push through the burn so that it will be over quicker.

I could also feel the baby’s head sat in my pelvis and feel the sensation of the shoulders coming through.  It is such a bizarre feeling but I knew then that relief was in sight.  Once the bag of waters broke it was all over very quick.  Passing the head and shoulders didn’t really hurt it was just a matter of shut the hell up and concentrate on pushing.

My arms look like a recovering heroine addicts as I had several attempts to get an IV in for fluids and if i was going to have pain meds.  Sadly as i was so dehydrated my veins were hiding.  I have track marks and bruises all up mu arms.  This didn’t really hurt too much as I was a tad preoccupied at the time.

I am so glad i didn’t poop this time aswell.  With me being on my hands and knees it would have been a bit rude to deliver my baby girl and then crap on her.  Mind you she did pee on me so fair is fair lol!!!

I should have known things were progressing as I had several loose bowel movements in the day.  Usually a sign that things will happen soon.  I didn’t have my bloody show till I got top the hospital so thats why i was caught off guard.

Many of you may wonder if there is any pain afterwards.  My response is that every one is different.  What I will say is that for me there was a huge amount of relief and instantly the pain went away.  Again, this was probably the adrenaline.

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