What happens now?

So congratulations,  you had your baby.  You are probably wondering what happens now.  I was left in the labor and delivery suite for a couple of hours just myself, my husband and new daughter.  This gives us time to bond.  i also was conscious that I wanted to start feeding her.  This is the really amazing part.  When you place your nipple near babes lips they instinctively start rooting to get a feed.  How do they know how to do that?????  Its just so spectacular to watch.

When you breastfeed you will notice some sharp pains in your abdomen, almost like a contraction.  This does pass after a couple of days.  This is the natural hormones released by breastfeeding stimulating the uterus to contract back down to the normal size.  They have lactation specialists at most hospitals and birthing centers and I would highly advise you meet with them as some kids latch on real well, some kids need a little more training.  Mother and child will get their own knack sorted out and what works for one child may not work for another.  If the baby doesn’t latch on properly it can leave to sore and cracked nipples.

You will most likely after about 2 weeks of feeding get sore and cracked nipples anyway so take note and persevere.  It does get better.  Trust me you could stick red hot pins through mine and I wouldn’t have a clue!  They get to be like rubber.  You can either use a pure lanolin cream to soothe them or alternatively good old breast milk.  Just rub a bit over your nipples and let it soak in. God this sounds raunchy doesn’t it lol!  You can also buy nipple shields which are plastic covers that go over your nipples and still let the baby feed.

Once the staff are ready you will most likely be transferred to a post partum room or recovery room.  these have much more comfortable beds.  At the birthing center I was at, they have a tradition where you push a bell on the wall to signify another baby being born.  it plays a lullaby across the main floor.  Its so sweet.

I was in post partum and ready to take up residence for a couple of days.  it is usually 48 hours for a normal delivery.  I figured I would be there till late on Wednesday night or even Thursday morning.

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