What happens to baby in the first few hours

Many milestones will occur.  First wash. First clothes. First Diaper. First look at mummy and daddy.

Your baby will be weighed.  Mine was 7 pound 7 ounces.  They will also be measured in length and head circumference.  Mine was 21 inches long and head circumference was 34 cm.

They also put this clear lotion into babes eyes.  This is an antibacterial cream to stop their eyes getting any infection.  It may make their vision a bit blurry but they can only see a couple of inches in front of their face anyway.

They get a wash,  they cannot be bathed until the left over umbilical cord drops off but they have a simple washcloth bath.  Then it is on with the pink and blue hat and white shirt.  Then they will be swaddled up in the hospital blanket.

Fully suited and booted they will now be handed back to you.  This is of course assuming all goes well with mummy and baby.

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