Coming home

It is now Wednesday 22nd Feb. today is going home day. Typically you get 48 hrs in the hospital for a normal birth. I was actually allowed home a little early. I actually checked out at noon. So there is a mountain of paperwork you have to go through. It’s almost like the closing on a house. There are several tests also done on your baby. One is a hearing test. Thankfully mine passed with flying colours. There are also some vaccines given and your child’s jaundice levels will be checked.

Mine was a little yellow but not enough to warrant worry. Breasted babies do take a little longer to get the right billuribin levels.

I had a shower which was the best friggin shower in the world! It was not the nicest looming shower but oh my god after feeling as mucky as a pigs scrotum it was AMAZING!!!!!! I just stood there sighing at the fact I could finally have water hotter than my own spit. It was kinda grose at the same time as I was washing my belly and it was all wobbly and hollow. Really not a good look. I didn’t care though as I was up and walking. It felt so good to be Independent.

Once I was ready I got baby ready and we were ready to go home. I swear it was more hassle taking my dog home from the shelter than it was taking my baby home lol!

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