Keep a Diary – App review

I started doing this with Thing 1.  It can be fun to look back and remember those early days.  The reason I started is because Thing 1 got a bad rash on my 2nd day at home.  We found out it was a bad reaction to a spicy curry I had the day before.  I never thought that would happen so I was told to keep a daily track of my food and to keep it as bland as possible.

I now have a book that I use that I document Feeds, Diaper changes and food intake.  It takes me 2 minutes to update it and it is a great tool as If Thing 2 has a bad reaction to something I can track down what may have caused it.  This can also be used for pumped milk.  I write the date I expressed the milk on the bag and if i notice a couple of days later when I have used that batch that she is reacting funny then I will know what may have caused it.

Sample page from my diary

Funny thing was the other night I had a gin and tonic and Thing 2 and myself slept really well.  I literally fed Thing 2 and then straight away I had my naughty tipple.  This way my body has a good couple of hours to burn it off before I needed to feed again.

There are some great apps out there for your smartphone that you can use to track feeds, diaper changes etc.  The best one I have seen is the “what to expect” baby edition.  It is free and very user friendly.  You can create multiple profiles.  It will track Drs apts and vaccinations swell.  Best thing of all is it is FREE!!!! To view in iTunes click here.

What To Expect - Baby Tracker

Me personally, I like a good old note book and pen.  It makes a nice keepsake and it is something you can keep forever.  I take it to the Drs with me so that I have it all to hand.


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