Pump it up – Product Review

Medela Lactina Select Pump

Right I am now at the point where I need help with the feeding as 3 weeks of interrupted sleep is making me go a bit ga-ga.  I am a little wobbly and sensitive so I figure I need to start expressing milk.  That way someone else can help with the feeds.  This also gives us a head start with getting Thing 2 accustomed to the bottle before she goes to daycare.

I asked the lactation consultant at the hospital if I could rent a breast pump.  This worked great for me last time.  I used the hospital grade “Medela Lactina Select”  Click here to view website  It is fantastic.  It gives you the option to pump one at a time or both.  It can express 3-4 ounces in a matter of 5 minutes.  Mind you I have an overly abundant supply of milk.

It is easy to clean and It is small and light to carry around.  I once managed to use it in the car while driving.  I pulled over into a rest area.  Put it into my bra and drove to the next rest area while pumping and managed to get a good 6 ounces.  That really helps when I drive to my companies other office in Rochester NY.

Pumping is not easy and you will not get the hang of it overnight but it can really help if you have tits like Pamela Anderson.  Also if you have sore nipples it can give them a rest from baby and a chance to recover.  I feel my boobs fill up with milk about every 2 hours and I am not joking it is literally like someone just pulled the cord of a life preserver and BOOM!!!!! my boobs are suddenly the size of my head.  The relief is amazing.

My pump rental is just 55 bucks per month and that is worth its weight in gold to give me that relief and also to give husband the chance to bond with baby and do a feed.  Most hospitals will be able to refer you to a pump rental place.  Some people feel grosed out about pump rental thinking it is unhygenic renting a pump that someone else has used but the only bit that is reused is the pump box itself.  All the tubes and bottles and suction cups are bought new for each client.  It is very clean.

I highly recommend this pump.  There are several other options out there in the stores.  I have not tried them but have friends who have and the general consensus is “you get what you pay for”.  You should go for one of the more expensive ones as the cheaper ones have been known to be painful to use.  There are electric ones and also manual hand pumps.  Electric are brilliant and save you alot of elbow grease.  Hand pumps obviously work too but unless you want forearms like a hormonal teenage boy then I would go for the electric one lol!

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