Who knew boobs could be so much fun?

I don’t know if it is sleep deprivation or just me being me, but I had to laugh last night.  I was pumping my milk and I realized I was looking down at the bottles and literally placing bets on which one was “winning”.

Am I completely ridiculous?  I cannot be the only one who has competitions with her husband to see who can guess which boob gives the most milk can i?  The world would be a sad place if I was.

With all this female stuff happening in the house I am surprised my husband doesn’t just sit there with a power drill in his hand and pretend its a phaser from Star Trek, or randomly go and saw a piece of wood just to remind himself that there is a man in the house.  The poor thing.  He even went to buy me some sanitary towels yesterday.  What have I done to my poor boy?

Mind you, I say this but trust me when I say that he just loves every minute of having 2 girls who ABSOLUTELY dote on his every word, thought and move.  Seeing the way he looks at them and they look at him is enough to make your heart explode. Seriously.  There is just something about seeing your partner with your children.

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4 Responses to “Who knew boobs could be so much fun?”

  1. Abbers says:

    For a sec there I thought you were going to say he’s started manstruating.

    I have also noticed that my right boob leaks more than my left. I sung a song about it too. Kinda like my left foot, but it’s my right boob. “my right boob, much leakyer than my left boob…” etc.


  2. Faith says:

    Might have to get him a man cave if he doesnt have one already! Dont worry, he will survive. After all, he will be trekking to the store some day to get all of you girls female products and he will survive that too! LOL

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